product portfolio

Our product portfolio is very diverse and ranges from so called precision meters for power plant feeding and measuring in high voltage - and transmission networks, to special meters for use in distribution-and low voltage networks right through to electronic domestic meters. Besides that, EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG offers diverse meter solutions for traction measurement, wind power stations, sub-metering solution and industrial (Bus-) purposes and also system solutions for the transmission and analysis of data for billing purposes. 

In close cooperation with the leading power supply companies, EMH currently offers smart metering solutions which they have developed and continues to develop these solutions even further. These solutions are geared toward wide scale use of interactive electronic domestic meters including all the relevant facets & requirements of such a system. EMH metering GmbH& Co.KG clearly takes a leading role in this field.

The customers benefit from the state approved test centre EP21 at EMH metering GmbH & Co. KG. If requested by the customer, the meters can be calibrated and then used for billing purposes. In addition to official calibration, our company is also able to offer a compliance certificate for the meters in accordance with the EU guidelines 2004/22 EG (MID) according to module B + D. 

Our continuous success would not be possible without our more than 270 competent and highly-motivated employees at the company headquarters in Gallin, close to Hamburg.